a collage of mobile platform and social network work; sketch of a
		       compelling user experience; linux foundation, refined labs, inchron,
		       facton, bundesamt für sicherheit in der informationstechnik, vodafone,
		       o2, nokia and brainloop logos mobile app and application in browser work; unusuals, searchmetrics,
		       relevantive, iconmobile logos sprint logo mobile app chart ezeep logo design sketch verkehrsverbund berlin-brandenburg and trommsdorff + drüner logos mobile phone and mobile portal work; ASK logo

The curious kind? Just want to have quick browse? This selection gives you a glimpse of our customers and work. m+mi works, user interaction architects since 2003.

a collage of screenshots of featured user business cards, film
		       playing gallery, professional search filtering results, film filtering
		       results a professional's film gallery overview a professional's contacts overview network button details details of starting to write a conversation message details of professional search filtering impression of the communication and tools sections of the dashboard
		       page the unusuals logo and an impression of the explore section of the
		       dashboard page

unusuals is a startup in Berlin that runs the online network for advertising film professionals. For their relaunch they asked us to help them with heavy interaction design issues—e.g. visualising a global social network; or combining search, exploration, film world dynamics and much more in one single interface.

We put together a consulting package that fits the special needs of startups. We structured the UI process and with the unusuals crew built a sound basis to make the necessary feature‐priority choices. Working closely with the creative director, we solved UI design issues and helped them to realise their ambitions.

You can read an extensive project rundown in our blog.

a collage of several nokia dual-SIM phone models, a phone showing
		       dual-SIM handling, our concept drawing specifying this handling concept drawing showing click-through efficiency of our design,
		       nokia dual-SIM touch smartphone models four nokia phones with hot-swap SIM slots screenshot of dual-SIM settings a nokia qwerty keyboard dual-SIM phone screenshot of dual-SIM handling detail from concept drawing showing messaging dual-SIM handling the nokia logo and a glimpse of annotations from our concept drawings

When Nokia developed their series of dual‑SIM phones for the BRIC and developing countries, they asked us to be interaction design lead. The impact of multi‑SIM handling on the UI and engineering of a whole phone is massive; a naive approach by less‐experienced interaction architects could render the project impossible.

We structured all the UI work and designed the multi‑SIM UI patterns for the whole phone, securing project feasibility. We mentored Nokia designers and helped them solve the hairy design issues. The result is multi‑SIM handling that addresses users’ needs better than any other brand.

‘The times when we worked together have been the most successful in my career.’
Andrea Ketzer, director application + middleware SW, Nokia

Nokia dual‑SIM phones turned over a billion dollars in their first three months in the market. You can read much more about it in our blog.

a collage of master plan drawings for project management and
		       spontaneous working, design sketches of keyword and domain entry,
		       detailed keyword data view, screenshot of the searchmetrics website screenshot of the dashboard of the public preview demo detail of a screen layout sketch design sketch of a custom info graph master plan drawing of the report section design sketch of a custom comparison graph master plan drawing of the dashboard page, public demo details of
		       the background queries handling the searchmetrics logo and public demo details of the project management

Searchmetrics is a leading SEO analysis SaaS suite. Competitive pressure and customer feedback convinced them that they needed an interaction redesign, especially of their presentation of an overwhelming amount of data and handling of many, many features. So they engaged us, together with our usability partner, relevantive.

Based on the usability research and our expert analysis, we designed a UI master plan. This introduced new, easy and fast ways for users to engage with the suite, as well as UI complexity management, tuned to the SEO work cycle. We also designed a ‘public preview’ demo, which was highly praised by key customers: ‘when can you ship this?’

a collage of mobile application interaction flow charts chart of intricate mobile screen state changes details of dialogs annotation of main mobile app screens glimpse of a simple, elegant mobile app a loud and clear flowchart connector wide-screen view of a social app the nokia logo and screen layout specifications of a music remix app

Small programs on mobile devices that do only one thing, but really well. Since 2008 these are called apps. We have been designing these since 2003 and they can be found pre‑installed on half a billion Nokia mobiles, worldwide. This means localisation in 42 languages, beside tight screens, memory budgets, design and development time.

For these projects we provide full‐service design. Working with management, we take a two‐sentence idea, and design an elegant and compelling app. All development and testing is then based on our specs, greatly improving project timelines and QA. We collaborate closely with developers to ensure that our design ships, and works really well.

You can read more about our mobile expertise in our blog.

a collage of an order flow diagram; concept drawings of mobile
		       devices filter and selection webpage, a bulk management overview, view,
		       sort and export controls; glimpse of a long concept annotation page;
		       sketch of an enlightening user experience screenshot of the B2B portal detail of additional explanation for users specification of dialog configuration variations sketch of a compelling user experience concept drawing of complex order handling sketch of user needs, concept drawing of users' dashboard page the o2 logo, sketch of a satisfying user experience and a concept
		       drawing of complex configuration handling

O2 Business Online Service is a B2B portal where customers configure and order mobile services + devices. Serious usability issues—e.g. with large orders, bulk SIM card management and complex contract options—were spoiling O2’s service strategy. To address that, they engaged us, together with our usability partner, relevantive.

We led the interaction design team. Based on the usability research and our expert analysis, we delivered a new, coherent design of the portal; a blueprint to guide phased development, for O2 and its implementation partners. Usability tests certify that the new design deals with the old issues and delivers the control that users need.

a collage of concepts for touch screen number dialling, device
		       unlocking, call handling, basic screen layouts; glimpse of a document
		       describing fundamental button types more touch screen concepts: dialogs, photo collection management and
		       viewing, message typing detailed view of the trash icon zone buttons, push and sliding end button call button dialler screen detail, touch screen keyboard layout sprint and vodafone logos, the sliding safety button

The iPhone disrupted the mobile phone world with touch interaction. For their new touch device platforms, both Sprint and Vodafone turned to us to define the fundamental interaction. They were seeking the experience and design skills needed to push into this wide‐open intersection of mobile phones, mobile computing and touch.

We led the design of fundamental UI components and patterns, in tandem with that of headline apps. This established the platform look + feel, showcasing what touch is all about. In close cooperation with visual designers, we set up standard grids, layouts and sizes, anchoring and documenting the interaction platform.

You can read more about touch interaction in our blog.